Chris Peed

I’m Chris, and I am The Vegan Sheepdog. I grew up in Ohio, and like most young boys, I grew up in a family where at a young age we were in the woods hunting with my dad. I was raised to believe that hunting animals was just something that we do, that’s what they are here for. I was raised like most of us, believing that eating meat, and drinking milk were vital to being strong and healthy. I’m guilty of saying things like ” I could never go vegan “. However that all changed because my wife fell in love with a cow.

May 9, 2016 I received a phone call at work from my wife, she said ” I’m done eating meat, I love you. ” – Click! She hung up on me because she was scared to tell me that she was done eating meat, so she did it over the phone, to avoid any confrontation. I figured this would be a flash in the pan, little did I know when I met that same cow, that flash became a spark that has fueled changes in my life, and my passion for animals. I’ve started to use my voice through my social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a Podcast I’ve started, in reach as many people I can. This has become such an important part of our lives, we’ve traveled across the country to different animal sanctuaries, made some of the most amazing friends, lifelong connections, and have been able to love on some very special animals who are changing lives across this country.

I would like to encourage everyone to share you story, without a doubt someone out there is struggling with the same things you are, and if something you share resonates with them, you might just be the reason they change their lives… rescue their lives… save their lives. You never know the impact that you might have on someone else.