Exhibit at the Columbus Vegan Festival

The Columbus Vegan Festival is a day-long festival featuring healthy living, vegan exhibitors, exhibitors that are vegan allies, renowned chefs and speakers from around the country, presentations, cooking demonstrations, food trucks, area restaurants, non-profit organizations, author signings, kid’s activities and more. Columbus Vegan Festival will draw committed and passionate individuals who want to learn more about how to protect their health, the planet and its inhabitants. We invite you to promote your business, group, or product to thousands of people who want to learn more at a vegan event. All vendors are welcome if they support the vegan community with vegan-friendly options. We are committed to keeping this event free to the public and your participation will help offset the cost of running such an extraordinary event.

Central Ohio has seen an explosion of interest in healthy, sustainable, compassionate, and 100% plant-based living over the last few years. With area restaurants embracing Vegan Options Daily, Vegan pop-ups exploding around town, the growth of farmers markets, vegan-friendly menus, Facebook and other vegan social groups.

Join us in being part of the ever-growing Vegan Festival Movement in North America, and the first festival of its kind in Central Ohio. Sign up today to secure your company’s presence as a leader in the vegan industry and reach an untapped market of health-conscious, compassionate-minded, ethically grounded consumers that are eager to purchase vegan products and support companies that consistent with their values.

We look forward to your partnership with the Columbus Vegan Festival and look forward to connecting with you in the near future to discuss this exciting opportunity.

We are seeking exhibitors to partner with us who offer vegan products, food, clothing, accessories, jewelry, personal care products, home goods and much more. In addition, in order to provide vegan food options for festival attendees we are inviting a select group of restaurants and Food Trucks to be part of our event. All food offered at the Columbus Vegan Festival must be free of animal or animal derived ingredients. Our attendees are mostly plant-based, vegan-curious or vegans and appreciate your consideration of their 100% plant-based choices. Our attendees want to support organizations and businesses that support their decisions. These are committed, driven and influential people, and they show loyalty by becoming fans and ambassadors of those companies that they see as allies in creating a healthier, more compassionate, and ethically grounded world consistent with their values.

Please note that all products and foods offered at the festival must not contain any animal or animal derived products.

The Whetstone Community Center features both indoor and outdoor exhibitor space with easy move-in/move-out, and free parking.​​