Presenting and Speaking at the Columbus Vegan Festival

The Columbus Vegan Festival is always on the lookout for speakers and presenters to take our stage. We seek people that will inform, inspire, surprise, and delight festival goers as we continue to draw larger and larger crowds. We also seek emerging artists, scientists, and thinkers. You don’t have to be credentialed either; whatever relevant passion you have, whatever you nerd out on, that’s what we want to hear from you! 


Suggest A Speaker

If you have expertise or experience with veganism, plant-based nutrition, healthy living, environmentalism, veganic farming, vegan sports nutrition, animal activism, mindful living, vegan ethics, or on any other related topic we want you to speak at the Columbus Vegan Festival!

If you know someone who would be a great speaker or subject matter expert, we want to hear from you! Please use our nomination form and tell us why this person would be well matched to the Columbus Vegan Festival.


Why Speak?

It’s likely that you know more than you think. Topics that might seem straight forward and obvious to you can have profound effects on others that may not be as well versed or experienced as you in that area. Many folks are brand new to the community and what you view as basics can be a revelation to others. Drawing upon your own experience, successes and failures will also help you to deliver a useful, interesting session that is guaranteed to be unique to any other presentation on the same topic.

While putting together a presentation you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn. By exploring ideas with more depth, reading previously undiscovered resources, and understanding your topic through a series of contexts, you may pick up on new ideas or insights that may help your own project take on a different light.

You’ll challenge yourself. Seriously. Find one person that can honestly say they’ve never felt nervous when getting up to speak, especially for the first time. For most, speaking is a challenge and not something that comes naturally, but like all challenges, achieving it is very rewarding and something to be proud of. It will push you, it will make you really think about what it is you do and it will renew your enthusiasm for your achievements.

Most importantly, you can give back. Think back to your first conference, festival, or anywhere you may have heard a great presentation. Were you inspired? Did you take copious amounts of notes? Leave with a lot of new ideas, terminology, or LinkedIn invitations? Has there ever been a session you have attended that really changed your perceptions of something, or encouraged you to try something new? Speaking is a way to turn the tables, to take your turn to inspire and encourage others to perhaps take their first steps.