Exhibitors List

Alma Images Inside Single (G34)
Baba Love Organics Inside Single (G40)
Belgian Iron Wafel Company Inside Food (G7)
Bitchy Vegan Homo Inside Single (G21)
Can’t Believe It’s Vegan Inside Food (G10)
It’s All Natural Temple Store Food/Cooking Sponsor (D3)
Christian Vegetarian Association Outside Space (D7)
Clean Beauty Team Inside Single (G37)
Cleveland School Of Cannabis Outside Space (D2)
Coffee Butter LLC Outside Space (D6)
Columbus Bhakti Yoga Inside Single (G41)
MAANAS Outside Food Truck (6)
Cutco Outside Space (A6)
Envision Positive Inside Single (G31)
Foodies Vegan Inside Food (G1 + G2)
Foreverland Farm Inside Single (G27)
Freely Vegan Inside Single (G17)
Funny Girl LLC Inside Food (G8)
Gluten Free Goat LLC Outside Food Space (3)
Happy Little Treats Inside Double (G30)
HARM LESS THREADS Outside Space (E1)
InnerStrength Total Fitness Inside Single (G39)
J&R Gifts and More Inside Single (G24)
Jo Vegan, LLC. Outside Space (A2)
Katie Clark, Author of “I’m a Supervegan” Outside Space (E4)
Katie Clark, Author of “I’m a Supervegan” Kids Area Sponsor (C1)
Kelly McCafferty, Realtor with e-Merge Real Estate Inside Single (G35)
Kind Style Shop Inside Double (G29)
Let’s get Bked LLC Outside Space (B5)
Lisa Beats Your Meat Classroom C (2)
Longeve Inside Double (G18)
Loving Healthy Outside Food Space (2)
Mana Outside Food Space (1)
Momma Can Cook Outside Food Truck (4)
Mucus-free Life LLC Main Stage (6)
Nomaste Inside Food (G5 + G6)
Northwest Ohio Vegan Advocates Inside Single (G28)
Norwex Independent Sales Consultant Outside Space (A7)
Ol’ Dirty Sheets Hot Sauce Inside Single (G25)
One Umbrella Custom Tees Inside Single (G36)
Pattycake Bakery Inside Single (G19)
Plant Love Nutrition Outside Space (B7)
Plant-based Prevention Of Disease Outside Space (B6)
Plantastic Inside Single (G38)
Portia’s Cafe Food/Cooking Sponsor (2 + 3)
Portia’s Cafe Food/Cooking Sponsor (GR1 + GR2)
pure haven Inside Single (G33)
Pure Joy Massage & Yoga Health & Nutrition Sponsor
RELAX SAUNAS OF MOMENTUM, INC. Food/Cooking Sponsor (GR3 + GR4)
Sandeep Arts Inside Single (D6)
Sculptdecor Outside Space (A1)
Sculptdecor Outside Space (A1)
Seitan’s Realm Outside Food Truck (3)
Seven Acre Farm Inside Single (D1)
Skaates Family Chiropractic Outside Space (A5)
Smart NATURED Outside Food Space (4)
Squash the Beef Catering, LLC Inside Food (G3 + G4)
Sunrise Sanctuary Outside Space (E2)
Teeminder Organic Apparel Inside Single (D7)
Terry Blankenship Outside Space (D3)
The Bella Goat Bakery Outside Space (A3)
The Collective Pneuma LLC Outside Space (D1)
The Humane Society of the United States Outside Space (B4)
The InnerStrength Life Classroom C (1)
The Little Kitchen Outside Food Truck (1)
Thom Glick Illustrates Inside Single (G32)
Too Good Eats Outside Food Space (5)
Totally Sweet Outside Space (A4)
Turtle Island Roots Inside Single (G23)
Vegan Fund Outside Space (E3)
Vegan Outreach Inside Single (G26)
Vegan Shift Presenting Sponsor (Lounge)
Village Taco Outside Food Truck (5)
Wanderlash Outside Space (D4)
Wellness Forum Health Inside Single (G42)
Wellness Forum Health Main Stage (5)
Willowbeez SoulVeg Inside Food (G9)
Zaki Mediterranean Grill Outside Food Truck (2)